OceanX Partners with Crayola for Virtual Classroom Event from the Red Sea for World Oceans Day

OceanX Partners with Crayola for Virtual Classroom Event from the Red Sea for World Oceans Day

OceanX Partners with Crayola for Virtual Classroom Event from the Red Sea for World Oceans Day

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Kids, parents, and teachers invited to experience the wonders of ocean exploration through arts and creativity

NEW YORK– June 7, 2022 – Global ocean exploration nonprofit OceanX and Crayola, the premier children’s creativity brand, today announced a virtual classroom event in celebration of World Oceans Day that will use technology, art, and creativity to bring the excitement of ocean exploration to children across the globe.

Kids, their parents, and teachers are invited to dive into colorful ocean worlds through the Facebook live event “The Art of Learning™: Ocean Exploration”—premiering tomorrow, June 8 at 7 p.m. EDT on the OceanX and Crayola Education Facebook pages. Participants will be transported into the depths of the Red Sea with OceanX’s Head of Science Operations Mattie Rodrigue and two other OceanX scientists who are currently exploring the incredible aquatic life and unique weather conditions of the region aboard the research vessel OceanXplorer.

Rodrigue and other onboard scientists will answer kid-submitted questions about sea life, coral reefs, brine pools, and how the way we see color in the ocean is affected the deeper we go. They will also share insights into OceanX’s deep-sea technology and how they use creativity daily as scientists. Then Crayola Education Manager and artist James Wells will show viewers how to create artwork inspired by the colorful coral reefs in the Red Sea using Crayola Watercolor Paint, Washable Project Paint, Crayons, and a Sponge.

This unique event—which can be accessed on-demand any time after the event airs—is part of OceanX’s broader 24-hour World Oceans Day programming, which will take audiences around the world to learn about our planet’s oceans from OceanX and its partners.

“OceanX is thrilled to continue our partnership with Crayola with this exciting virtual event,” said Mark Dalio, founder and co-CEO, OceanX. “Crayola and OceanX are both dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and expanding the collective imagination. We invite young explorers and their families to discover the uncharted and largely unexplored world of the deep sea with us on World Oceans Day.”

Crayola’s “The Art of Learning” is a colorful, virtual series that celebrates the many ways children use art to explore topics such as science, storytelling, coding, music, and more in hands-on learning sessions that all ages will enjoy. Free episodes air each month on the Crayola Education Facebook page and include short question and answer sessions with subject-area experts, as well as easy, engaging activities that viewers can do at home.

“Art is a way of learning,” said Cheri Sterman, director, Crayola Education. “When children engage in hands-on art making, they develop observation and self-expression skills. Every topic can be more deeply understood when children create images or projects based on the new information they have gathered.”

Viewers can RSVP now for “The Art of Learning: Ocean Exploration” event airing on June 8 at 7 p.m. EDT at https://fb.me/e/9qxjyXPeo. This segment, along with all Crayola Art of Learning sessions, will be available after the live event on-demand here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/126474604711340/488327385578495. Additional OceanX live classrooms, which highlight the organization’s ongoing commitment to STEM education and underline its mission to bring the ocean to explorers of all ages, can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/ELt6TEuZ6zQ.

OceanX combines cutting-edge science, the next-gen technology of its one-of-a-kind marine research and exploration vessel OceanXplorer, and compelling media to excite, educate, and foster a passion for the world's oceans. OceanX has developed numerous high-impact partnerships that leverage its global footprint, scientific and media capabilities, and access and approach to deep-sea exploration and pair that expertise with brands looking to inspire and cultivate the next generation to conserve and protect the world’s oceans. 

The OceanX Crayola partnership engages children in the wonders of the ocean and STEAM learning through creative, hands-on experiences. The partnership launched in 2021 with an immersive, ocean-themed, national takeover tour of Crayola Experience family attractions and the Crayola Experience Home Adventure Kit Ocean Edition, designed to keep the excitement and learnings going at home.


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