OceanX and Flying Fish Announce Immersive, One-of-a-Kind Ocean Exploration Touring Museum Exhibition

OceanX and Flying Fish Announce Immersive, One-of-a-Kind Ocean Exploration Touring Museum Exhibition

OceanX and Flying Fish Announce Immersive, One-of-a-Kind Ocean Exploration Touring Museum Exhibition

Dive In

Visitors will experience the adventures, discoveries and sights of being an ocean scientist through hands-on, sensory exhibition

New York – Today, nonprofit ocean exploration organization OceanX and renowned museum exhibition producer FLYING FISH announced the launch of OceanXperience, an immersive, one-of-a-kind, adventure-driven touring museum exhibition designed to raise awareness for the world’s oceans. Featuring footage captured during OceanX’s groundbreaking deep-sea research missions and using innovative storytelling, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey to explore the unknown, outer limits of our oceans and experience what it’s like to conduct mission-critical research aboard OceanX’s ship OceanXplorer, the most advanced exploration, scientific research, and media production vessel ever built.

“OceanX is on a mission to explore the ocean and bring it back to the world, and there is no better opportunity to do so than through immersive storytelling like the OceanXperience exhibition,” said Mark Dalio, Founder and Co-CEO of OceanX. “Our partnership with FLYING FISH will put audiences in the front seat of ocean exploration, allowing ocean lovers, science enthusiasts, and curious, lifelong learners everywhere to experience the wonder, beauty, and excitement of our oceans and inspiring them to care about our planet’s most treasured natural resource.”

“At FLYING FISH, we work with museums and science centers each day. They know what their visitors hope to experience, so we’re often asked for exhibition content that explores the unknown. Our partnership with OceanX unlocks incredible content and footage of the deep sea that we can share in an experiential way for exhibition visitors around the world,” said Jay Brown, Principal of FLYING FISH.

The Experience

OceanXperience visitors will join an intrepid group of explorers, scientists, and adventurers onboard OceanXplorer and embark on an unforgettable ocean adventure filled with soundscapes, touch, and visually dynamic media designed to engage a multitude of senses.

Key experiences include:

  • Breathtaking deep-sea footage captured in some of the most remote, unexplored corners of our globe for “OceanXplorers,” National Geographic’s upcoming documentary series executive produced by James Cameron.
  • A unique, immersive 360-degree theater.
  • Replicas of OceanXplorer’s state-of-the-art facilities, including mission control, wet and dry labs, deep sea exploration vehicles, and dive center.
  • Piloting a remotely operated vehicle to explore the wonder of the deep ocean.
  • Collaborating with local scientists and artists traversing the globe in search of answers to our planet’s greatest mysteries.

The exhibition will also feature a replica of OceanXplorer’s groundbreaking HoloLab, created in partnership with Microsoft, which will include the same Microsoft Mixed Reality technology utilized onboard the vessel for scientific research missions. Microsoft HoloLens 2 allows participants to view and interact with the holographic collaborative oceanic science capabilities that aid scientists and crew in visualizing what lives beneath the ocean’s surface. Microsoft Mesh brings together information from the ship’s array of sensors and cutting-edge tools to provide a holographic laboratory for discovery, analysis, and presentation. The exhibition will provide visitors a firsthand look at new ways for scientists to collaborate for groundbreaking discoveries.

The immersive, mixed-reality OceanXperience exhibition will be available to interested museums and science centers beginning in summer 2023. Subscribe to FLYING FISH NEWS at www.flyingfishexhibits.com/contact for updates and previews of the exhibition while in development. The exhibition is based on the upcoming National Geographic series “OceanXplorers,” which is produced by OceanX Media, BBC Studios Natural History Unit, and James Cameron’s Avatar Alliance Foundation.

 Museums and science centers interested in hosting the exhibition can contact FLYING FISH at info@flyingfishexhibits.com.


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